Running for Boston
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I know I said I was tired of talking about weight, but I think I still need to focus on it deliberately for a little while longer.  This year has been a great year for rethinking my relationship with food and my relationship with my own body.  A question I have been working on this year is: “Why am I trying to hurt myself?”  Because doing something like eating two candy bars on a day when I KNOW I won’t be able to exercise is self-destructive.  This semester has been much better for that.  I’ve been working on that problem from two directions.  I try to make sure I get enough sleep and eat healthy meals so I’m less likely to drag, and I also try to make sure that if I eat candy, that I really want it.

I’ve done so much this year to get my head on straight.  The strict vegetarian diet helps, too.  Now, to get the exercise back under control.  There are those who scoff about people who have “no time to exercise,” (I used to scoff), but it can be true, especially when you work two jobs, go to school full time, and have two kids.  I’m still working on finding time to exercise, while still getting enough sleep.  I did Cathe’s Cardio & Weights yesterday and walked a lot today.  Tomorrow, I will probaby do something like Step Jump and Pump or a combination of a kickbox cardio and Push-Pull.  I’m going to do total body weight workouts until I am consistently doing weights three times a week, then I’m going to do splits.

Oh, I logged in at Weight Watchers online today to add this week’s weight and discovered I have lost 18 pounds.  Nice.  I might start going back to meetings soon.

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