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Tag: 2006, Body Image, Plans and Goals
Oct 29th, 2006

I hate to see pictures of me.  Recently, I’ve seen at least two different pictures taken of me in the spring.  In one, I was definitely at my peak weight.  My face looked so swollen.  And I was huge.  It was embarrassing.  Another picture was taken a few weeks later and I didn’t look quite so bad.

I’ve lost about 16 pounds since then, but I have a long way to go.  I just keep listening to my hypnosis tapes, thinking positive, eating well, and exercising.  Every day counts.  Every day makes a difference.  I joined Spark People.  If that works well, I’ll post a link to my spark page.

My hip feels better.  I hope to get some kind of exercise tomorrow.  Today, I went for a hike with some scouts.

My November weight loss goal is four kilos, to get to 80.  I would like to lose 4-5 kilos a month.

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