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Day 3?

Tag: 2007, Health
Jan 3rd, 2007

I’m still fighting this stupid cold that I got before Christmas. It has completely sapped my energy. So, I have not yet worked out this year, except for a short walk yesterday. I’m hoping to be able to do something light tomorrow. I want to be back up to half an hour of running by the end of the month. Three weeks should be plenty of time to make up for four weeks of neglect, right?

I got my replacement Cathe DVDs today. I had not had time to do most of them, so I hadn’t noticed any problems yet, but that was nice of them to automatically send new DVDs. I recognize that they are a small business run by human beings and stuff happens.

This weekend, I’m taking my first progress picture for the year. I’m going to take pictures every weekend. I hope I’ll be able to create a success slide show by summer.

2 Responses to “Day 3?”

  1. FB Says:

    Hey, I had a cold too during the holiday! It is hard to exercise, but the up side is you are not very hungry.

  2. Jenne Says:

    That’s for sure. I finally got my appetite back today… that has both good and bad points. Guess I’d better get to exercising tomorrow!