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Last Night I had the Strangest Dream…

Tag: 2007, Body Image
Feb 17th, 2007

Actually, it was the other night, but I dreamed of myself at my dream weight. It was very convincing. Some of the pictures were nice, artistic black and whites. I’m wearing an adorable chiffon top and cool jeans. It felt REAL. I think when I get close to my dream weight, I might do a photo shoot. I hadn’t thought about doing that before, but the dream made me think of it.

3 Responses to “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream…”

  1. Jake Silver Says:

    all in due time

  2. Silas Says:

    What a great dream – how motivating was that?

    Good luck, keep going, and post the photo shoot :)


  3. charm Says:

    gotta love a good dream!