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Treadmill Desk & Bike & Run

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Jul 29th, 2011

So this week, I finally rigged up a desk for my treadmill. I have to spend hours working on the computer every day and I’m lucky enough to get to work from home several days a week. So I decided to rig up a shelf-desk so I can walk slowly while working. It’s super-easy to remove when I need to use my treadmill for a real run (but I prefer to do those outside.) I did four miles on it today, mostly while Skyping with my husband.

We also invested in a good indoor cycle. I’m going to use it on cross-training days (like tomorrow) specifically for leg turnover and cadence. It doesn’t seem to be suited to pedalling slowly while reading or working, but that’s fine. I want to get some spinning workouts I can do, since it’s that kind of bike. I could get a way better spinning-type bike than standard exercise bike.

Today was a run day. Had a good run to the post office and back with Blackie. I think on Saturday we can try our regular run– I seem to have gotten my fitness back pretty quickly this time. I’m doing 5 minutes running, 1 minute walking right now.

My “diet” is going well except I’ve kind of lost my appetite. It’s hard enough to eat that much healthy food, but even harder when you can’t eat! It might be a side effect of medication or just my body getting used to the new diet. Being vegan, I already got plenty of fiber, but I didn’t eat a whole lot of salad. I hope this is just temporary. Luckily, there are always smoothies! And delicious hemp protein.

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