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CrossFit is Amazing

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Aug 12th, 2012

Went to the free Saturday Cross Fit workout again. CrossFit is amazing! I’m trying to work it out so I can justify buying a monthly membership. I got some great tips for working on my pull-ups and chin-ups. I’ve ordered some resistance bands to assist my at-home pull-up and chin-up practice. I also found a great workout on a Marine training site. I’m going to start with 50 a day assisted. Right now, I just hang. Between the assisted pull-ups and the crunches between on this plan, I’ll be so strong!

I went skating after lunch and it was a disaster. It was a very popular birthday party day (which is great for the rink.) I was guarding a girl who was sitting on the track tying her shoelace when a little kid skated into me and somehow I fell on him. I felt like a monster. He was able to skate off with his family, but I felt so bad that I took off all my gear and went home. I was a little annoyed that there wasn’t a rink guard with that many kids on the floor. I’m also annoyed with myself that I both fell, and fell backwards. I should have tried to fall on my side if I was going to fall, because then I wouldn’t have landed on him or the girl (I didn’t land on her.) I’m trying to stop beating myself up over it, especially since he’s probably totally okay, but I wish I had managed things better. I couldn’t just ignore the girl on the floor though!

I came home and took to my bed. I had some social plans for the night, but between feeling bad about falling and getting slightly sunburned in the morning, I didn’t have it in me to socialize.

If tomorrow is dry and relatively cool, I might skate one of the parking lots. I’m never going to get better and faster if I rely on rink time. I love the floor, but there’s so much I need to work on!

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