Running for Boston
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Fall Training Bug

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Sep 3rd, 2012

Well, it’s nearly fall, and I’ve started to think about training for a marathon or half again. Team skating is temporarily on hold since I’m having trouble learning the skills I need and probably won’t have a chance to join another league until next fall because of the way tryouts are done and the fact that we’re probably moving soon. We just don’t know where or when, but we live in a job dead zone. I’m also without health insurance right now, so although I’m not giving up skating, I won’t be participating in any contact or dangerous drills. Unfortunately, it means I will probably only get to skate a couple times a week (an open session and a speed class). But that frees up some days for running. I’ve missed running. I wanted to go tonight, but I’m still coughing from the cold I’ve had for the past two weeks.

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