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Another Good Run

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Sep 9th, 2012

We had another good run tonight. We’re going to stick with the quarter-mile run, quarter-mile walk until we get the run segments below a 10-minute mile pace (at least three were around 9:50). Then we’ll lengthen the run and shorten the rest. I’m just so tired of being slow! But it was a nice run and a lovely night. Only 72 degrees. I also did 20 assisted chin-ups (black band) in sets of five through the day.

Friday was a rest day because my knee was feeling twingy. (It seems fine today.)

Thursday was open skate! I used my new low slim Hyper Jammer prototypes (93A) and got my time for 25 down to 5:06. That was in 5 segments– I couldn’t get five minutes on the track because of slow people. Oh well. I have time since I can’t do derby due to my lack of health insurance. (If Mr. Z or I don’t get a decent job offer this week, we’re buying temporary insurance. Expensive, but better than being without.) I also finally got sticky 8s (figure 8 slalom without letting your wheels leave the floor.) I’ve been working on that for months. Working on the spread eagle, too.

I’ve set myself two challenges on Runkeeper. One is that I want to lose 15 pounds by Dec 31. The other is that I want to run 60 miles in September. I think the two goals will complement each other nicely. (Almost ten of the pounds I want to lose have piled on just since I started skating– and eating large fries after every session.) To lose the weight, I’m going to clean up my diet (I got sloppy over the past year with Mr. Z being gone and with skating.) I’m going to cut back on fries, sugar, and cola, and add more fruits, veggies, and rice. I often eat badly when I let myself get too hungry, which happens entirely too often.

2 Responses to “Another Good Run”

  1. Terzah Says:

    Ooh, Jenne, so glad you are back (to running, that is)! It sounds like you have a good plan. Diet is always the hardest part for me–I love to eat–but now that’s been joined by weight lifting as something that *must* be done but that I don’t enjoy so much.

  2. Jenne Says:

    Thanks! Diet is really tough, but it’s the only way I’m going to lose weight and ever see if I can get decently fast. (For my age, of course!)