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Quick workout

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Sep 9th, 2012

I’m posting this here as kind of a benchmark for future quick workouts. Tonight I did Cross-Fit style push-presses with a 15 pound barbell and competition-style Burpees. The workout was 8 minutes, starting with 1 push-press, 1 Burpee, and working up to however many I could pyramid up to in 8 minutes. I managed 7, with three extra Burpees. Of course, I would like to at least double that count, but it gives me a good bench-mark. (I did this after a 7-minute warm-up of yoga cat-cows, yoga cobra/down-dogs, around-the-world both ways with my rice-filled sandbag, and some 15-lb deadlifts (I can deadlift more than that.)

My legs feel good– I can feel yesterday’s run, but not in a bad way. Looking forward to tomorrow’s run. Can’t wait until I can run two or more days in a row!

I’ve also planned healthy meals for the next week. Monday and Tuesday will be my delicious vegetables and chickpeas over curried rice, Wednesday will be dry-cooked garbanzos, Thursday Chipotle (before skating), and then Friday will probably be leftovers. I’m going to also have fresh spinach or fresh greens each day, along with a banana at some point. And that’s about as much as I can plan!

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