Running for Boston
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Hilly Run

We had another good run Monday night. We did the 400/400, but it is so interesting how different the run is if we start with a 400 m run versus the walk. If we start with the run, it’s a relatively easy series of 400s. If we walk for the first 400, then run, it’s a tough series of awful hills. Tonight was the awful hill version.

I do feel like the core work I’ve done for skating has made me a stronger runner. I like that.

Next week, we’re cutting the walking part down by .05 mile.

My kettlebells came in today, so in addition to my daily pull-ups (20 with the black band, 2 with the green), I did about 100 kettlebell swings. My form isn’t quite right because I can feel it in my forearms a bit, but I’ll get better. I also did deadlifts with the 26 lb skullbell and I tried a goblet squat (17 lb) and some Turkish get-ups (8 lb dumbbell). I need to add triceps dips to my daily routine to balance the pull-ups.

I cooked a delicious dinner of vegetables and chickpeas with curried rice. Yum. I had enough left-overs to portion three servings for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is Chipotle, Wednesday is leftover veggies and chickpeas, Thursday is Chipotle, and Friday is dry-cooked garbanzos. I’m also trying to eat a banana and a salad each day.

2 Responses to “Hilly Run”

  1. Terzah Says:

    Your last paragraph made me hungry! Embrace the hills! They will make you strong (even though they suck at first).

  2. Jenne Says:

    I love and hate hills. I’ve learned that regular 3 mile hilly runs in my neighborhood make 6-mile runs in Houston feel easy! I also think it’s why I could run the Austin half despite not really running for a few months before. Hills are amazing.