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Another Treadmill Run

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Sep 19th, 2012

I didn’t feel up to facing the hills yesterday, so after spending 2 hours washing and polishing my car, I hopped on the treadmill for another interval workout. This one was 4 X 800 and 2 X 200. It sucked. I couldn’t breathe, even though my heart rate and legs seemed fine. I had to stop and walk a couple of times. After the run, I did a 10-minute kettlebell workout (5 sets of 15 with 17 lb, 6 sets of 15 with 26 lb.) I also did 12 pull-ups (black cable) and 12 chair tricep dips.

And then today I threw my neck out. I think it was from the washing and polishing. It hurts. I just hope it gets better so I can skate tomorrow. I’m going to be mad if I miss my skating.

One Response to “Another Treadmill Run”

  1. Terzah Says:

    Mama says some days are like that! I hope you’re better this morning and can skate.