Running for Boston
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I haven’t felt much like posting, but I have been working out, somewhat. Last week I hurt my neck. I’m also still struggling with derby.

The frustrating thing about being in a messed up situation is that if you talk about it, you’re a gossip. If you don’t talk about it, the pressure builds up inside. If you don’t talk about it, then you wonder if you’re alone, or if this is all normal. My frustration with things is bringing out my bitchy side, which is a side I do not like to indulge. Well, not often, at least. I’m safe because I’m going low or no contact for the rest of my time with this group and I won’t be bouting or scrimmaging. I can’t afford to get hurt while I’m looking for a job. The things that are frustrating me are the kinds of things that get people hurt.

There’s also a lot of tension between trying to fulfill obligations to derby and figuring out how to fit in marathon training, because next year I want to do at least one half in the spring and at least one full in the fall. I also want to do the Goofy challenge, which is, of course, a half and full back to back in one weekend. Derby is one of those things that tries to expand to fill any free time you might have. I started thinking about that today and decided that once off-skate (non-officiating) obligations take more time per week than I get on skates (7.5 hours), I would call it off.

In other news, I got 5 laps in 58 seconds and two sets of 25 in about 5:04 each. Both of the sets of 25 involved me dodging other people skating slowly on the track.

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