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Detrained 5K

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Apr 20th, 2013

When I told Mr. Z I was planning to qualify for Boston, he told me, hey, the local group is doing a 5K right in your backyard! (He’s in VA, while I’m here until I get a job there.) I’ll be heading out in about three hours. It’s about a mile to the starting point, so I’m walking. I’m going to try to pay my dues, too, if they’re able to accept them. I think I’m about six months behind! This group does a 5K once a month for a dollar. They also have Tuesday and Thursday afternoon trail runs. I have to find out how that works, since it costs to get into the park where the trail runs are held.

My big challenge this morning will be mental. Obviously, I’m seriously detrained. It won’t be the first detrained 5K I’ve run (I’ve had periods where the only running I’ve done has been in 5Ks), but I hope I will get my act together after today and stay trained to the 5K level minimum consistently for the rest of my life. I am curious to see the effects of the yoga and the kettlebells. The main goal with the kettlebells has been to gain flexibility and strength in the running muscles, so we’ll see.

Meanwhile, until it’s time to leave, I’m reading blogs of slow fat people who’ve managed to qualify for Boston. I’ll post some links later with my race report.

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