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I Survived– and Placed!

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Apr 20th, 2013

Here I am, after running a 5K as detrained as I ever let myself get (unless I’m getting a PhD, when I exercise once a month for three years), the proud second-place 40-49 female! (Do we need to mention that there were only two 40-49 females running the 5K?) Oddly, if I had decided to do the mile, which I felt would be too hard at this level of detraining, I would have come in first, against actual other people. I didn’t make my goal, which was sub-36, but I got close. 37:51 was my official time. I jogged most of the distance, except when the hills made me nauseated. Six months of training will solve that issue.

I think the only reason there weren’t more people in my age group is that they’re all off marathoning this month. Usually, there are about five or six pretty fast women in that range.

I paid my dues, so I’m now a member again. Now I have to motivate my shy self to join them on their trail runs. I feel like running with others might be the key I’m missing in my running training. I think I need to run with people slightly faster than I am.

2 Responses to “I Survived– and Placed!”

  1. Terzah Says:

    Hey! This is so awesome (I just read your last four posts). Congrats on the 5K and the first steps in your quest, my friend. I’m looking forward to seeing the links you’re planning to post from those who have done it. You CAN do it, and it sounds like you have a great plan.

  2. Jenne Says:

    Thanks! I need to get that post up- there are some good stories out there!