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Rest Day Wonderings: Fuel Belts

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Apr 24th, 2013

Today is a rest day from both running and Ashtanga, though I will probably do a bit of light stretching later. Today’s topic of wondering is fuel/hydration belts. As a very slow runner, I have worn my beloved Amphipod fuel belt for pretty much every run, including yesterday’s two-miler. (I didn’t wear it during the weekend 5-K.) Since physical training is only part of my plan, I’m reevaluating every aspect of how I handle my runs. I’m trying to re-envision myself as someone who is a BQ runner, and then I’m trying to be that runner. Do BQ runners wear fuel belts?

Fuel belts are really handy. I was very glad I carried my own drinks when I failed St. Louis twice, since the aid stations were few and far between. It was also nice having it at Austin because Austin had stations where runners could refill their own bottles. Less waste. But when I try to BQ, I won’t want to take the time to refill. I think. A fuel belt will also be handy for attaching a pack to hold my phone (so I can play Zombies Run while running.) Since my phone is in an Otterbox, it doesn’t really fit sleekly into any of the minuscule pockets of my running clothes.

I like having my fuel belt, though at about mile 20 of Green Bay, I took it off and handed it to Mr. Z. So I guess the question is not whether I will use it for training runs (of course I will), but whether I should wear it in the actual marathon. The considerations are whether I will attach my number to the belt or to my shirt, whether I will have a way to carry my phone, and how I will get drinks otherwise. Part of me feels like showing up laden down with my belt announces that I am a slow runner. But I do like to be prepared, and my belt allows me to be prepared for things like aid stations running out or for really hot days.

It would be nice to just show up in clothes and shoes and just run. That’s how I used to do it, back before running became super popular. It’s definitely something to keep in mind. Since I don’t plan to try to BQ without Mr. Z’s support, I can always just ask him to hold it for me if I decide I need it.

What do you think about fuel belts?

2 Responses to “Rest Day Wonderings: Fuel Belts”

  1. Terzah Says:

    I’ve worn various fuel belts but have never been a fan. Right now I’m doing handhelds, and for the first time ever in an actual race I’m taking the Amphipod handheld with me. My coach doesn’t think I fuel enough during races and long runs, and the aid stations in Eugene aren’t frequent enough. I drank 30 oz of Gatorade during my 20 miler, the most ever, and I have to say it was the best 20 miler I’ve done. So for now I’m sold (we’ll see how I feel about that after the race). But yeah I always have a bottle or something with me for long runs. I’m still working on this, too–I think everybody’s solution is different.

  2. Jenne Says:

    I really like my Amphipod handheld. The last time I did long runs, I usually had the handheld and the belt. I think I tend to drink too much, though.

    I miss your blog!