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3 Mile Run

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Apr 25th, 2013

Today’s run was an easy three miles (except because all of my runs are on hills, there’s really no such thing as easy. I let myself walk a lot.) Afterwards, since it was another Ashtanga rest day, I did some kettlebell swings, pull-ups, and deadlifts. Once I feel adjusted to the running and yoga schedule, I want to add back in my daily three sets of ten pull-ups.

Today was library day, so I picked up Kara Goucher’s Running for Women. It was a very enjoyable book, more personal and funnier than I thought. I will probably buy my own copy, if just for the reassuring quotes and sentiments. I also picked up Runner’s World’s Run Less, Run Faster. It’s not my goal to run less, but it is my goal to run faster and to do it without getting hurt. My current 10K plan is only four days a week of running, but if I can follow it consistently and successfully, I will probably look to add a fifth day of running after the target 10K (and recovery.) I don’t know how many miles a week I can manage safely.

I also picked up some liquid vitamins. I’m still not eating enough– today it was a struggle to get to 1200 calories and I still haven’t eaten the banana that will get me there. (MyFitnessPal wants me to eat more than 2000 today!) I’m not eating enough calories, but I’m eating way too much sugar. Pretty typical for me. I’ll track for another week or so to decide whether I need to add more calories. I do have a thyroid issue so I probably can’t eat as many calories as I should without gaining weight. However, since I seem to be on the right level of medication, finally, I might be able to eat more. Of course, many people with thyroid issues discover that as soon as they feel human again, their doctors lower the dosage. I sure hope mine doesn’t. I’m also being very diligent about treating my asthma- I tend to be lazy about it when I’m not exercising. Mine is fairly mild but constant (I actually thought it was heart failure because of the constant fatigue and wanting to die after climbing stairs) and when I’m not taking Symbicort (nasty stuff), it pretty much ignores albuterol. I hate the side effects of Symbicort, especially the throat clearing and the lack of control over my voice (which is painful for a former broadcaster), but it is nice to be able to breathe.

While out and about, I also visited a running store. I should do that more often, even if I’m not planning to buy. I like the atmosphere. I ended up getting an attachment for my Amphipod. I’ve ordered a holder for my phone, but it might be useful to have a little extra room. My thoughts on the belt have gone back and forth. I’m tentatively planning to run 10K and shorter races without it, depending on the set-up and if I can train myself to run faster and with less water. However, for the longer distances, I think it might be a good idea for me to have it. Someone brought up a good point in one of the many fora I visited to read opinions on the distance– it can be very good to have on hand if something unexpected happens. Also, apparently more races are handing out bottles for runners to refill on the course. If I’m going to carry a bottle, I generally prefer to have it in the waist pack, not in my hand.

I think this is everything I wanted to ramble about today. Tomorrow is Ashtanga and planning out back to back runs for the weekend. I really need to find a more level route for at least one of the runs.

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