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Running Rest Day and Yoga Progress

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Apr 29th, 2013

Today is one of the rest days from running. Did some light yard work– mostly replacing washers on the various hoses and setting up a lazy person watering scheme on the balcony. I’m very, very slightly sore (feet and calves mostly) so it was good that I took the day from running like I’m supposed to.

I’m really happy with the progress I’m making with yoga. I am trying to practice non-attachment and non-identifying, but it does feel good to get stronger. I can’t quite hold chaturanga at the lowest point, but I might be there in a month or so. I have the rest of my life, so no rush. Today was the first day I got into the headstand and the three wheel/upward bows in the closing sequence. Slowly working on the backwards rollover– I’ve done it in pole class and Tae Kwon Do, but never at home without supervision. I’m also still working on lifting up for the vinyasas in between the seated poses. Today, I was able to bind on one side of Marichyasana A (Here are some examples, though I can’t bend forward yet with a straight back.) I was also able to lean forward in (almost) bound lotus and touch my head on the ground. That pose will probably be easier as I lose weight.

Speaking of losing weight, I haven’t lost any this past week. I’m not terribly surprised. I’m hoping this low heart rate training and the food logging will kick in soon. I’m not going to get frustrated, although it is annoying to have My Fitness Pal tell me that if I ate the way I did this week, I’d be 139 pounds in five weeks. Yeah, I wish. It’s too bad it’s just not really as neat as all that. All I can do is keep plugging away.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout. Three miles slow (I’m going to run it at 147 or lower) followed by three 30-second strides with 2 minutes rest. In my Vibrams.

I forgot to mention, I’ve started foam rolling again. My IT band feels fine, but now my gluteus medius is tender!

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