Running for Boston
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Sunday Run

Well, that run was excruciatingly slow and I still struggled to keep my heart rate below 140 at a 15:40 pace. I’m going to have to do at least some of my runs on the treadmill during this phase. Walking is very good for me and I enjoy it, but I do want to work on the running muscles, too. It was a nice cool weekend (for Texas.) I complained about being cold, but the afternoon runs were nice.

Looking at my diet log on MyFitnessPal makes it very clear I have to cut way back on sugar. I’m not completely eliminating it, but one thing I’m doing is cutting back to only one cappuccino (with sugar) a day. The rest of the time, I’ll drink black coffee. I’ll see whether that helps.

Last night was the first night in more than a month that I had trouble getting to sleep. It was definitely because I had a soy latte right before bed (and maybe because I had to take four days off from yoga practice.) It’s hard work for a night owl like me to stay on something resembling a day schedule, though it’s not a huge deal right now what schedule I’m on since I’m still job-hunting. But once it gets hotter, I will want to be done with my runs by eight or nine AM. I hope last night’s sleep problems were just a blip.

Consistency is going to be a major part of my Boston plans. This aerobic base-building could end up taking me a couple of years, even if I am consistent, so I can’t afford to lose days. I’m pretty happy with my Ashtanga consistency. I did have to take a quick break because of my wrists being sore, but today’s practice was fine. I’m adding “habits” slowly. For March and part of April, it was just the Ashtanga. Middle of April, I added running 4 days a week, then I started the May fitness challenge with my derby friends on May 2. This week, I’m adding in a 30-minute MAF (HR 140 bpm) run on Wednesdays– probably on the treadmill– and a 30-minute MAF bike on my exercise bike on Fridays. Tomorrow is a day off from heart rate training, but I still have yoga and the workout challenge. And I’m probably mowing the lawn with my 75-lb lawn mower (I only use self-propelled if I really, really need it.)

I’m kind of enjoying having the luxury of exercising 2 hours a day. I read an assertion that said to be successful with this type of training, you should be logging at least ten hours a week. I’m not sure how I will adjust my exercise schedule once I have a job. Mr. Zippy has been exercising, so at least some of the time, I can go to the gym with him and use the treadmills. I’ll probably have to split my schedule into an hour before work and an hour after work. I hope I’m fit and healthy enough to do that once it comes to that.

Oh and speaking of being cold, I can’t really get too discouraged if it takes me a while to lose weight. I needed a sweatshirt this evening (shivering at 72 degrees!), so I found one I bought while I was doing my Master’s degree, back when I was getting up to 200 pounds. Now, it’s a tent. Luckily, I like my sweatshirts huge. This reminds me that I have done a lot towards my health.

2 Responses to “Sunday Run”

  1. Terzah Says:

    I’m doing a sugar detox this week, too–I need to make it permanent, but I’d love to get to a place where a piece of dark chocolate doesn’t send me off a craving cliff.

    Good job being patient and planning long term for building that aerobic base!

  2. Jenne Says:

    It’s no fun quitting sugar. Plus, I end up with the problem of not eating enough because everything I eat has too much sugar in it!