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Still Running

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Jun 23rd, 2013

Even though I haven’t been updating this log, I have been running. I’ve started a running streak of sorts. I’ve now run eight days in a row and I feel pretty good about it. I’m doing the Maffetone style heart rate training, keeping my heart rate between 135 and 140. This can be a challenge because of the hills and the heat. I’m doing about 14-minute miles right now, which is an improvement from when I started, especially when I consider that it’s much hotter than it was when I started. I’m planning to do the same 2.8 mile loop for two more weeks and then making the Sunday and Wednesday runs longer. This week, I’m adding in bodyweight exercises. I won’t be doing any more workout challenges like the one I tried in May. It was really hard on my knees and I ended up taking almost a month off from running. Amazingly, my knees are fine now. The only tiny injury I have is a little bit of PF pain from when I foolishly tried to “get used to” high heels for a Rocky Horror costume. I’m making sure to stretch it so it doesn’t get worse. High heels just do not work for me.

Weight-wise, I’m still about 30-35 pounds away from what I estimate is a decent racing weight for me. Oddly, that weight (about 120) is kind of thin for me, but still much heavier than the really good runners my height. We’ll see if I end up having to lose more. I’m actually not deliberately dieting. I am being somewhat careful with what I eat, but I’m making sure to eat when I’m hungry. I’ve gotten into making Ethiopian food, so I think I’m going to end up making big batches of the stews and refrigerating or freezing some for the coming weeks. I suspect that as my mileage creeps up, I’ll probably start to lose more excess fat.

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