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Jul 2nd, 2013

I had kind of a breakthrough today (day 17 of my streak.) Today was the first day I woke up sore. I didn’t sleep very well and I seriously considered taking a rest day from running (which would have been fine– I’m not married to my streak.) Then I thought about the fact that another slow easy run today would be another slow easy run toward my goal. Since I’d be wearing my heart rate monitor, I would know right away whether today was going to end up being a walking day.

Well, as these things happen, today I had a bit of a breakthrough. I run a very hilly course– I’m pretty sure there isn’t even a yard of it that’s not either incline or decline. I tried to focus on running slowly enough that I could run for a longer distance before my heart rate gets too high. I was really pleased that I made it almost the first mile before having to walk and was able to run all the way up and over several of the smaller hills. I also almost ran into a mom running with her stroller and dog because I was focusing so hard on running up a hill! Ooops. I think there were no hard feelings– after all, she’s probably run up the very same hill (which is one of the two very evil hills on my daily route.)

Although I ran slightly slower, I ran more of the route, which makes me feel like I’m making progress. I want to get to the point where I can continuously run at least the easy 2.8-mile route. That’s when I’ll start doing a weekly tempo run.

After the run, I did push-ups, bench presses, flyes, tricep dips, and kickbacks. Trying for strength and endurance without building any mass. Since I’m mostly mesomorph, I build muscle pretty easily, but if I add any more lean mass, I won’t be able to get down to the racing weight that I hope will get me to Boston. Obviously, though, I don’t want to lose any lean mass either.

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