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Still hurting

Tag: Injuries, Running
Aug 17th, 2013

My calf still hurts, so I’m still not running. I think I’m just about to the point where I can start walking again. My injuries are educational– they tell me that something is wrong. When I deal with one area of concern, something else pops up, which tells me I am out of alignment somewhere. I’m probably out of alignment everywhere, really. So I’ve been using the Alignment Snacks from the Restorative Exercise Institute to work on various areas. So far, I’m working on Adductor Madness and Balance… with Lateral Hips. They’re about half an hour long and deal with the little alignment muscles and areas that don’t often get a lot of attention. Now I’m trying to decide which one to do next.

I’m trying to be smart about getting back to running. I want to run and I want to run fast, but I also want to run uninjured. I need to walk a lot more and fix all these problems before I can do that.

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