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Aug 29th, 2014

This week, I finally got the courage to ask whether I was ready to move up to Level 4 at my pole studio! My teacher asked how I felt about my strength and spins, and I feel pretty good about them! I was waiting for her to suggest that I should move up, but I think they prefer to wait until the student shows readiness in part by asking. I’m very excited, even though this means being a clumsy beginner again, in Level 4. Level 4 is said to be the level that separates the women from the girls. Luckily, the schedule works out so I can keep going to my beloved Level 2 and 3 classes, where I can feel at least a bit competent.

Level 4 is going to be tough, especially since I have three days in a row with Level 4 classes. I will have to be really careful with nutrition and make sure I don’t live on ramen and soy lattes on that day. I should look for some protein bar recipes. I’m addicted to the Clif Builder’s Bars, but they get expensive and I’m sure two or three a day aren’t really the healthiest choices for me.

Tonight is an “easy” three mile run and then splits training. I’m working on splits six days a week, three days in classes, and three days at home. Tomorrow is a rest day from everything. Yay!

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