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Aug 30th, 2014

We’re going through some temporary difficult times right now– nothing too bad and nothing we can’t work through– but it means making some small sacrifices. That makes this the perfect time to experiment with my diet! I’ve long been intrigued by the concept of macrobiotics and I tend to like to eat the same thing over and over. I also like food that is simple to prepare and easy to transport. I’ve gotten hooked on Clif Builder’s Bars, which are delicious and accidentally vegan, but which also contain way too much sugar. I’m at that age where I have to pay attention to my skin and I’ve read that too much sugar makes the skin look unhealthy. Because of losing 65 pounds (with about 18 to go), I definitely have loose skin. Some of the remedies are not available to me because they are not vegan, but I can certainly make an effort to cut back on my sugar and make healthier food choices. I need to do this anyway since as I mentioned yesterday I’ve been promoted to Level 4 in pole class and I need to pay attention to my nutrition to have the energy to do three Level 4 classes a week.

I’m going to ease into this change by making a couple of small changes in the first week of September. I won’t add any extra sugar to my morning soy lattes (the vanilla soymilk I use has sugar in it) and I’m going to try one or two macrobiotic-type meals a day. I’m going to continue to limit my caffeine to before 3pm and only two a day. I will try to report my progress here.

In other news, yesterday’s three mile run was fantastic! I ran at an easy 11-ish mile pace and only really felt like I was pushing it at the top of the two nasty hills on my route. I’m eager to run a timed, flat 5K and see if I can finish under 30. I will give it a few weeks, though. Pretty soon, I can add a mile to one of my runs. Gotta get up to 13.1 by December! I feel good about it. It’s amazing what losing weight can do for your running!

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