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Sep 7th, 2014

I survived my first week of Level 4 classes. I had a Level 4 class on Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday, plus two fit classes, a level 3 class, a level 2 class, and some non-pole classes. It was ten hours of classes total over three days. I struggled, as I expected to, but I feel like I did okay. The best part was after attempting rocking diamonds (a strengthening exercise that prepares you to invert) all week, I got them during open pole on Saturday! Plus, I inverted several times and held myself off the pole without my arms! Also, during Saturday’s Level 3 class, we played with handstands. I have a good headstand, but I have struggled with the balance and strength for handstand for months! My instructor had us kick up to the wall and I was finally able to do it! I learned headstand away from the wall, but it’s a lot scarier to learn handstand away from the wall. Since I can pike up to a headstand, and now I can kick up to a handstand, I can work on combining the two elements– the balance and control of the pike and the strength of the handstand. Then I can learn tick-tocks! (I don’t know what they’re really called, but you go from downward dog into a scorpio and then drop into wheel/backbend, and then go back. Of course, I will also have to get more confident dropping back into a backbend. I’m getting closer, but still scared.)

After all those classes this week, I thought Friday’s run would be awful! Instead, I did my two miles at a 10:30 pace! I haven’t sustained two miles at that kind of pace since I was about 21! I was slightly winded at the end, but it definitely wasn’t all-out effort. Losing weight has been magical for my running. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to grasp the simple concept of Calories In < Calories Out! I spent so much time making excuses and lying to myself! This week has not been a weight loss week. I decided to eat enough to keep up my strength for my new schedule. That means “eating back” most of the calories I burned. I’m probably going to do the same thing next week as well, then start cutting back slightly again the week after that. It makes the weight loss more sustainable if I plan on having some maintenance days, instead of trying to make every day a losing day. It does take longer, but even at this pace, I’ll be at my goal weight in about six months. Tomorrow is my “long” run. It’ll be four miles, since I’m building up the mileage very slowly this time. I’m trying to find the right level of stress to keep me getting stronger and faster without getting hurt again. I just need to be able to do a pretty comfortable 13 miles by December. At some point, I’ll have to add a morning run so I can get to three runs a week and still have at least one rest day.

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