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Body Positivity?

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Sep 12th, 2014

This is an older post by Greta Christina, a body positivity advocate who found herself needing to lose weight because her weight was affecting her mobility. I’ve read this post a few times now and I think it captures a lot of what I want to say about fat acceptance as it is currently being practiced. I am all for fat acceptance and body acceptance. 100%. Love your own body, no matter what size it is! But don’t lie to yourself and other people. And if someone wants to consider herself body positive, that should extend to bodies of all sizes, not just obese. And body positivity shouldn’t mean attacking people who have decided to lose weight.

Unlike Greta Christina, though, I have never identified as a fat woman. I was a chubby kid, but always right at the top of the healthy range. I was a healthy weight adult until we moved to the States and I got fat. So I never did identify as fat. But I am someone who started to experience the health issues related to being obese. And now I am someone who can compare how I felt at 201 pounds with how I feel now at 135 pounds. Life is easier at 135 pounds, but not because of some kind of conspiracy against fat people. It’s because the human body is simply not meant to be above a certain size. Things I struggled with at 201 are effortless at 135. I have an easier time learning some new things in pole class because I’m hauling less mass over my head. My run has gotten much faster even though I’ve run so few miles this year because of my calf. It’s simple gravity and physics.

People often mistake attacking other women with body positivity. I will be so happy when the songs Anaconda and All about that Bass finally reach burn out and disappear. I really hate those songs. People embrace them as body positive anthems when they simply are not. It’s still women attacking other women. And Nicki Minaj, who I normally like, sounds completely unhinged when she’s telling skinny bitches to get off the floor.

As for me and my body, my weight loss has started back up again this week. I also had to take some extra rest days. I hope that will translate to more strength. Tonight is a four mile run, possibly in the rain. I haven’t run in the rain in years.

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