Running for Boston
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Nice, Cool Run

Tag: Running
Sep 13th, 2014

Today is a beautiful day in the Piney woods. It was 66 degrees at around 10am when I set off for my four mile run. I struggled a bit on the hills in the last two miles, but I don’t feel too bad about that. My first mile was 10:18 and wasn’t that difficult! I might actually get fast enough to qualify for Boston! But first things first– preparing for that half in December. I need to fit in two more shorter runs this week and then a 5-mile run next weekend. Gotta get those long runs up! Tomorrow, I think I’ll do an easy two miles. I’m trying to get my half training schedule straightened out– long run, recovery run, fast run, and one more run just for miles. And they’re all hill training, because that’s what I have.

I’m working on a post on starvation mode. Hint– it’s a myth. I hope to have the sources cited and pictures up with it by tomorrow (Sunday) night.

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