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2015 Plans and Goals

My fitness went slightly off the rails in the last three months of 2014. It was a perfect storm of losing all of my favorite teachers at my dance studio, being broke, and moving up a level so eating more in order to gain strength. As I said in my half-marathon wrap-up, I did gain almost ten pounds from my lowest weight. I’m calling it a “bulk cycle,” since I did need the strength for the harder workouts I was doing. Unfortunately, because of the scheduling, while the workouts were harder, I was working out less often and I didn’t cut back on my calorie intake on all my extra rest days. I’m guessing that mostly what I added was fat, since my body fat percentage went up according to my scale. (I don’t expect it to be accurate… I just use it to gauge trends.) I’m not too worried because I know what works and I know what I am capable of. Sometimes these plateaus or breaks are good for assessing how vigilant I have to be about my diet. I still eat slightly more than I need to maintain the weight I want to maintain, so that means that when left to my own devices, I’m eating too much.

2015 Fitness Goals:

  • Lose 20 pounds by Memorial Day
  • Get to 25 miles a week in February
  • Reduce comfortably-hard pace to 9-min mile by Dec
  • Get the front splits on at least one leg
  • Pull-up from dead hang
  • Transition from straddle to stomach

2015 will be a good year for my fitness goals, I think. I’m registered for two aerial classes– fabric and trapeze– plus I’ll also be taking three classes a week at my current studio. I don’t know enough about fabric and trapeze to be able to set realistic goals, so I’m just going to go, work hard, and have fun.

I’m going to plan runs for the other days of the week, with a rest day on Saturdays, most likely, unless there’s a workshop. I’m still trying to work up to running 25 miles a week, but it does take time because of my twingy calf. In January, it’s likely my running will be three 3-mile runs a week and one 8-mile run. Eight miles is the furthest I know I can run pain-free on these hills. I’m not going to do any fancy speed-work in January– this is just for rebuilding strength. If I have time and energy, I might follow up running with my Cleo the Hurricane Rockin’ Legs-n-Abs video, which I did today. My running goal is to drop my comfortably hard pace from 10:10-ish to 9 by the end of the year (Santa Hustle 2015!!). Weight loss will play a major role, but so will my beloved hills, along with time on my feet.

My flexibility goals include working on my splits and backbends. I’m going to let my back flexibility progress at its own rate, since I’m pretty happy with it so far. I think I might be able to get my front splits this year. I’m less than a yoga block from the ground. I can’t say how well I’ll do at middle splits, but I would like to be able to transition from a straddle stretch to lying on my stomach, smoothly. So that’s what I’ll be working on for the middle. I think the Cleo workout will help. I hope the studio where I’m taking fabric and trapeze will let me stay and stretch for up to half an hour afterwards. It’s a LONG drive home.

I would like to reach my goal weight this year. I have a custom-made corset just waiting for me, paid for and everything, but it’s on hold until I get my final measurements. If I can get it by Memorial Day, I can wear it for the local comic con. I’ll take measurements at 120, since I suspect that will be a reasonable non-racing weight. I think I’ll be able to go 15 pounds either way without it being too much of a problem. (That does remind me that I need to start planning my skirt for that costume.)

Nutrition will be a big one this year. I did well calorie-wise for most of 2014, but my nutrition wasn’t optimal. I’ll be working harder on that in 2015, including planning meals and reading up on vegan diet plans for athletes. I’ll be logging on My Fitness Pal as well. (And I’ll be wearing my Fitbit to track non-exercise steps. I would love to get to 10,000 steps a day, but that goal isn’t as big as the ones I’ve listed above.)

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