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Body Positivity?

Posted under Body Image, Pole, Running - Sep 12th, 14 - Comments Off on Body Positivity?

This is an older post by Greta Christina, a body positivity advocate who found herself needing to lose weight because her weight was affecting her mobility. I’ve read this post a few times now and I think it captures a lot of what I want to say about fat acceptance as it is currently being […]

I’m back!

Posted under Body Image, Boston, Metablogging - Aug 17th, 14 - 2 Comments

My site was down for a while after it was exploited and used for spam attacks. But now I’m back and my site is secure again. I’m thinking about the direction I want to take with this site. For more than ten years, it was a place for me to document my futile attempts to […]

Weight Loss = Fat Shaming?

Posted under Body Image, Health, Heart Rate, Plans and Goals, Running, Streak, Support - Jun 24th, 13 - Comments Off on Weight Loss = Fat Shaming?

I have been indirectly accused of fat-shaming twice this weekend. Once was in a response to a discussion about a blogger who lost 30 pounds and then was accused of fat-shaming because she answered questions about how she did it and posted before and after pictures. The second hurt more because it was a friend […]

Still Plateau-ish

Posted under 2007, Body Image, Monthly Wrap-Ups, Rants, Weigh-Ins - Jul 29th, 07 - 1 Comment

I’m still maintaining 172 pounds, size 14. I’m not really thinking about it too much, or worrying about my weight. I’m still thrilled not to still be 200 pounds. I was reading Self(ish) yesterday when I got to an article about a woman who went from 300 pounds to 170. The author felt the need […]

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream…

Posted under 2007, Body Image - Feb 17th, 07 - 3 Comments

Actually, it was the other night, but I dreamed of myself at my dream weight. It was very convincing. Some of the pictures were nice, artistic black and whites. I’m wearing an adorable chiffon top and cool jeans. It felt REAL. I think when I get close to my dream weight, I might do a […]

Weigh-In: 82.8

Posted under 2006, Body Image, Running, SparkPeople, Weigh-Ins - Nov 21st, 06 - Comments Off on Weigh-In: 82.8

Downward progress!  Go body! It doesn’t want that extra weight any more than I do! My official weight for the week is 82.8. My body is doing what it wants, and I’m okay with that. My goal is living a healthy life and letting my body get to its natural healthy weight. At the Y […]


Posted under 2006, Body Image, Plans and Goals - Oct 29th, 06 - Comments Off on Pictures

I hate to see pictures of me.  Recently, I’ve seen at least two different pictures taken of me in the spring.  In one, I was definitely at my peak weight.  My face looked so swollen.  And I was huge.  It was embarrassing.  Another picture was taken a few weeks later and I didn’t look quite […]


Posted under 2006, Body Image, Injuries - Oct 25th, 06 - Comments Off on Frustrated

I’m so frustrated. Last week, I had two good runs.  One was a hilly run of about half an hour.  The other was on a track– I wanted to see whether I could run a mile without stopping and how long it would take me.  (Yes, 11 minutes.)  Then, my hip started to hurt.  My […]


Posted under 2006, Body Image, Plans and Goals, Weigh-Ins, Weight Watchers - Oct 14th, 06 - Comments Off on Progress

I know I said I was tired of talking about weight, but I think I still need to focus on it deliberately for a little while longer.  This year has been a great year for rethinking my relationship with food and my relationship with my own body.  A question I have been working on this […]


Posted under Body Image, Health, Health News, Rants - Jul 26th, 06 - Comments Off on Shame

More Americans Too Fat for X-Rays. Stories like this make me feel deeply ashamed.  I’m not yet too fat for X-rays, but I am right up there in the obesity statistics.  I am obese.  I have been fighting obesity for six years now, and I have been losing.  Six years.  I can get all this […]