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Posted under Body Image, Health, Health News, Rants - Jul 26th, 06 - Comments Off on Shame

More Americans Too Fat for X-Rays. Stories like this make me feel deeply ashamed.  I’m not yet too fat for X-rays, but I am right up there in the obesity statistics.  I am obese.  I have been fighting obesity for six years now, and I have been losing.  Six years.  I can get all this […]


Posted under 2006, Health News, Rants, Weight Watchers - Jun 14th, 06 - Comments Off on Links

Neat article about some significant weight loss. An article about how, yet again, our food industry thwarts our health.  There’s something incredibly warped about America’s food industry, combined with the insistence on relying on our “air-conditioned wheelchairs” (as Edward Abbey calls it) to get everywhere.  We’re like veal.  But what are we being fattened up […]

Hmmm, Diet

Posted under Health News, Nutrition - Feb 8th, 06 - Comments Off on Hmmm, Diet

Low fat diet benefits might be overstated.  This does not mean low-fat diets are not good for you, but I think it does show that we are often sold a bill of goods when it comes to our health.  How can people sit in judgment of fat people like me when no one is really […]


Posted under Health News - Feb 3rd, 06 - Comments Off on Anger

While fit may trump fat, weight can still do harm.  I was going to blast this article based on the title, but I think I’ll wait until it’s no longer a rough draft. My point was going to be a comment on the backlash against the idea that it’s okay to be a little heavier if […]

Low-Calorie Diet Good for Heart

Posted under Health News, Nutrition - Jan 13th, 06 - Comments Off on Low-Calorie Diet Good for Heart

Low-Calorie Diet Keeps Heart Young.  It’s not just calories, although they try to simplify it to that at one point: “For the general public, the researchers recommend a moderate reduction in calories, combined with moderate, regular exercise.”  The 25 people studied ate “1,400 to 2,000 nutritionally balanced calories per day,” while a “control group” of […]