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Posted under 2006, Health, Nutrition, Pop, Veg*n, Weigh-Ins - Aug 9th, 06 - Comments Off on Weight

So, I still weigh myself every day. Probably will for a long time, until I get to a healthy weight. Then, I hope to go with the good old jeans test. (I have a pair of jeans set aside for this.) Today’s weight was promising– 86.1. This means I can now say I’ve broken the […]

Going to Feel Better

Posted under 2006, Health, Intuitive, Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Veg*n - Aug 4th, 06 - Comments Off on Going to Feel Better

I had my last cappuccino for a while this morning. I’m quitting dairy for a while, as I might have mentioned in a previous post. It’s part of my transition to a strict vegetarian diet (I say strict vegetarian because I’m not quite sure I fit the definition of vegan, since at this point, I’m […]


Posted under Body Image, Health, Health News, Rants - Jul 26th, 06 - Comments Off on Shame

More Americans Too Fat for X-Rays. Stories like this make me feel deeply ashamed.  I’m not yet too fat for X-rays, but I am right up there in the obesity statistics.  I am obese.  I have been fighting obesity for six years now, and I have been losing.  Six years.  I can get all this […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Posted under 2006, Health, HFCS, Nutrition - May 24th, 06 - Comments Off on High Fructose Corn Syrup

I’ve been on a mission to eliminate high fructose corn syrup after a friend and I discovered it has been known to cause digestive problems. (Which I have.)  At the time, I figured if I just quit drinking pop, that would do the trick.  Not so fast there, zippy.  I was idly perusing the little […]

My Knee

Posted under 2006, Health, Injuries - Mar 1st, 06 - Comments Off on My Knee

I’m still having trouble with my right knee.  I went and picked up some arch supports and a knee strap.  I’m also working on a short DITY stretching and weights routine to loosen up that hip and strengthen the muscles around the knee.  I just can’t bear to go to a doctor.  My experience has […]

Results from Assessment

Posted under Health - Jan 30th, 06 - Comments Off on Results from Assessment

The results from the health assessment last week were pretty good.  Iron was low (of course), cholesterol was 163 (slightly higher than I like it– I want it to be about 140), blood pressure was 120/69, and non-fasting blood sugar was 84. I just wish I could get my weight under control.