Running for Boston
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Posted under Heart Rate, Running, Streak - Jul 2nd, 13 - Comments Off on Breakthrough

I had kind of a breakthrough today (day 17 of my streak.) Today was the first day I woke up sore. I didn’t sleep very well and I seriously considered taking a rest day from running (which would have been fine– I’m not married to my streak.) Then I thought about the fact that another […]

Weight Loss = Fat Shaming?

Posted under Body Image, Health, Heart Rate, Plans and Goals, Running, Streak, Support - Jun 24th, 13 - Comments Off on Weight Loss = Fat Shaming?

I have been indirectly accused of fat-shaming twice this weekend. Once was in a response to a discussion about a blogger who lost 30 pounds and then was accused of fat-shaming because she answered questions about how she did it and posted before and after pictures. The second hurt more because it was a friend […]

Still Running

Posted under Heart Rate, Running, Streak - Jun 23rd, 13 - Comments Off on Still Running

Even though I haven’t been updating this log, I have been running. I’ve started a running streak of sorts. I’ve now run eight days in a row and I feel pretty good about it. I’m doing the Maffetone style heart rate training, keeping my heart rate between 135 and 140. This can be a challenge […]

Four Hilly Miles

I ran the same 4.20 route I ran last Thursday. Although I ran it slightly slower, I was running it with a lower target heart rate (140 instead of 145.) I feel like I was able to run further on the hills before my heart rate got too high. I didn’t feel any stress from […]

Treadmill run

Posted under Heart Rate, May 2013 Workout Challenge, Running, Yoga - May 8th, 13 - Comments Off on Treadmill run

My first extra run. An easy 2.07 on the treadmill at about 139. I ran the whole time, but I did have to make a pit-stop after mile one. This evening, I was able to do a full Ashtanga series (well, up until Navasana.) My wrists are a little twingy, so I left out the […]

Mostly Rest Day

Posted under Heart Rate, Injuries, May 2013 Workout Challenge, Yoga - May 3rd, 13 - Comments Off on Mostly Rest Day

I had to take another yoga rest day. My wrists are still sore. Tomorrow is the official rest day, so hopefully by Sunday, my wrists will be up to the series again. Tomorrow is an easy 2-mile run, so I think I’ll try the 140 heart rate. For the May workout challenge, I did: 30 […]

Three Miles Plus Strides

Posted under Heart Rate, Running - Apr 30th, 13 - Comments Off on Three Miles Plus Strides

I’m really enjoying these low heart-rate runs. I feel great when I’m done and can’t wait to run again. I think I’m only a few weeks from being able to run the whole route under my target heart rate max (currently 147, but I suspect it should be closer to 140. Once I can run […]

Good run

Posted under Heart Rate, Running - Apr 28th, 13 - Comments Off on Good run

Today’s four miles took a long time, since I ran them as a heart rate run. I think this is good for me, though. I finished the run still wanting to run more. It’s possible my heart rate is set too low, since I don’t even feel like I’m working until I’m halfway up a […]

Heart Rate Run

Posted under Heart Rate, Running - Apr 27th, 13 - Comments Off on Heart Rate Run

I did decide to do today’s easy 2-miler as a heart rate run. I tried to stay in zone 3, or lower than 147. It was a pretty easy run, but I did have to walk quite a bit because the hills jacked up my heart rate. It was 73 and sunny (felt like 80 […]

Heart Rate Training, Again

Posted under Heart Rate, Running - Apr 26th, 13 - Comments Off on Heart Rate Training, Again

While looking at my training logs this week, I noticed that my heart rate is pretty high (Average 172, highest 176). I’m pretty much running anaerobically the whole time. The problem is, for every article I read saying I should run at 60% of my max, I find another article saying it’s fine to be […]