Running for Boston
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Posted under 2007, Health, Intuitive, Nutrition, Veg*n, Weigh-Ins - Feb 6th, 07 - 2 Comments

178.4 was yesterday’s weight, and the official weight of the week, but today, I was 177.1. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t remember something I wanted to talk about earlier. It has something to do with my new attitudes about food. It’s so refreshing to feel “normal.” How strange that I had to go […]

Going to Feel Better

Posted under 2006, Health, Intuitive, Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Veg*n - Aug 4th, 06 - Comments Off on Going to Feel Better

I had my last cappuccino for a while this morning. I’m quitting dairy for a while, as I might have mentioned in a previous post. It’s part of my transition to a strict vegetarian diet (I say strict vegetarian because I’m not quite sure I fit the definition of vegan, since at this point, I’m […]


Posted under eDiets, Intuitive, Weigh-Ins - Mar 27th, 06 - Comments Off on 196.1

Down a half a pound.  That’s good. I wanted to post yesterday about how much I love my Sunday routine. I swim laps and then  tread water and then sit in the sauna.  This week I got to 13 laps. I realized I’ve been better at carving out time to exercise.  Sundays I swim, Monday […]

Intuitive Eating

Posted under 2006, Intuitive, Nutrition, Plans and Goals - Feb 15th, 06 - Comments Off on Intuitive Eating

Yesterday’s wellness class was really good. I hate that I have to rush away the minute it’s over (and even then, I get to work late… but it’s only three more weeks.) We talked about mindfulness and intuitive eating. Something we could have talked about more was society’s message to us. We get such destructive […]