Running for Boston
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3 Mile Run

Posted under Health, Kettlebells, Nutrition, Running - Apr 25th, 13 - Comments Off on 3 Mile Run

Today’s run was an easy three miles (except because all of my runs are on hills, there’s really no such thing as easy. I let myself walk a lot.) Afterwards, since it was another Ashtanga rest day, I did some kettlebell swings, pull-ups, and deadlifts. Once I feel adjusted to the running and yoga schedule, […]

Detrained 5K

Posted under Kettlebells, Plans and Goals, Running, Yoga - Apr 20th, 13 - Comments Off on Detrained 5K

When I told Mr. Z I was planning to qualify for Boston, he told me, hey, the local group is doing a 5K right in your backyard! (He’s in VA, while I’m here until I get a job there.) I’ll be heading out in about three hours. It’s about a mile to the starting point, […]


Posted under Kettlebells, Running, Workouts 2012 - Sep 13th, 12 - Comments Off on Tired

Tonight was the easy version of the 400/400 run. It was warm and muggy and we both ended up soaked in sweat. Only one of the 6 runs was under 2:30, but I still feel like we got a good workout. I thought I was recovering well, but my heart rate never dropped back down […]

Hilly Run

Posted under Kettlebells, Nutrition, Running, Workouts 2012 - Sep 11th, 12 - 2 Comments

We had another good run Monday night. We did the 400/400, but it is so interesting how different the run is if we start with a 400 m run versus the walk. If we start with the run, it’s a relatively easy series of 400s. If we walk for the first 400, then run, it’s […]