Running for Boston
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Four Hilly Miles

I ran the same 4.20 route I ran last Thursday. Although I ran it slightly slower, I was running it with a lower target heart rate (140 instead of 145.) I feel like I was able to run further on the hills before my heart rate got too high. I didn’t feel any stress from […]

Treadmill run

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My first extra run. An easy 2.07 on the treadmill at about 139. I ran the whole time, but I did have to make a pit-stop after mile one. This evening, I was able to do a full Ashtanga series (well, up until Navasana.) My wrists are a little twingy, so I left out the […]

Monday Semi-Rest

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I got my new FiveFinger KSOs today! REI’s outlet was having a too-good-to-be-true sale on discontinued colors from 2011, and miracle of miracles, they had my size! My feet are 8.5 (39), which I believe is literally the most common shoe size for women, so I never get to buy shoes on clearance. I also […]

Sunday Run

Well, that run was excruciatingly slow and I still struggled to keep my heart rate below 140 at a 15:40 pace. I’m going to have to do at least some of my runs on the treadmill during this phase. Walking is very good for me and I enjoy it, but I do want to work […]

Easy 2-Miler

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Back from an easy two mile run. I did a lot of reading last night about Maffetone-style training and I’m sold. I’ve dropped my heart rate alert down to 130-140 (180-my age.) I’m going to stay in that range for a while and see if I get any improvement. It will definitely be extremely slow, […]

Mostly Rest Day

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I had to take another yoga rest day. My wrists are still sore. Tomorrow is the official rest day, so hopefully by Sunday, my wrists will be up to the series again. Tomorrow is an easy 2-mile run, so I think I’ll try the 140 heart rate. For the May workout challenge, I did: 30 […]

Four mile run

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Today was a nice, easy four-mile run. I’m starting to feel just a little sore. I think I can push through, though, and it will be better in a couple of weeks. Once again, this was a heart rate run on hills. I got really hungry in the third mile– supposedly that means I was […]