Running for Boston
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I’m back!

Posted under Body Image, Boston, Metablogging - Aug 17th, 14 - 2 Comments

My site was down for a while after it was exploited and used for spam attacks. But now I’m back and my site is secure again. I’m thinking about the direction I want to take with this site. For more than ten years, it was a place for me to document my futile attempts to […]

De-Lurking Week

Posted under 2007, Metablogging, Rants, Uncategorized - Jan 13th, 07 - 2 Comments

I guess last week was de-lurking week. I would have participated, but I can’t read Captchas. You know, those horrible little pictures you have to decipher to get to post on a Blogger or Typepad blog? (I think my blog has them, too, but only if a comment fails other tests.) I need to just […]

New Theme Up

Posted under Metablogging - Jan 11th, 06 - Comments Off on New Theme Up

This is a temporary theme until I can set up a more CSS-based theme.  I like this one a lot, I just want it to be more CSS and somewhat lighter.