Running for Boston
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Race Report: Austin Half Marathon 2012

Posted under Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Race Reports, Running - Feb 20th, 12 - 2 Comments

I actually have a couple of minutes to sit and reflect on the Austin half. I took some very pretty pictures with my iPhone, but Runkeeper crashed and took all of my data with it, so I lost those pictures. I have not been able to run very much in the past three months, because […]

Update and Plans

Posted under Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Running, Uncategorized - Sep 21st, 11 - 1 Comment

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m still running. My weekly mileage is pretty low, though. I need to bump it up. Right now I’m at only about 9-10 miles running, 20 miles on the stationary bike. Next month I’m going to get an electric bike for my commute, so that will add some […]

11 Days Later

Posted under Health, Nutrition, Plans and Goals - Feb 27th, 11 - 2 Comments

I have decided I am going to try to lose just a few pounds, to get below 160 consistently. I really feel like I will run faster if I am lighter. I’m not dieting, though. I’m going to do a combination of cutting back on some of my treats (smaller soy lattes, only one Cherry […]

Am I Back?

Posted under Plans and Goals, Running, Veg*n - Feb 16th, 11 - Comments Off on Am I Back?

I haven’t decided yet if I really want to maintain a regular blog any more. In the three or four years since I was really active on this blog, I have started two marathons and finished one (and the DNF on the other was NOT my choice.) I’ve also moved to Texas from Missouri, bought […]

I Know, I Know

Posted under 2008, Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Running, Veg*n - Apr 16th, 08 - Comments Off on I Know, I Know

It has been way too long since I last posted! I’m in a holding pattern right now as far as weight maintenance goes– which is GOOD! I’ve been too busy to think about it and I haven’t really been eating right, but I’m still easily maintaining size 14 (sometimes 12.) However, I don’t have as […]


Posted under 2007, Monthly Wrap-Ups, Plans and Goals, Weigh-Ins - Jun 27th, 07 - 1 Comment

Seems I’m in a bit of a plateau right now. That’s okay, because I’m about to embark on a physical training regimen to get more fit for Scouts. Next month, we’ll be swimming, climbing, and canoeing, so I need to work on my upper body. We’ll probably camp and hike in August (we try to […]


I hit 169 a few weeks ago and have been hovering a little higher than that since. I have to stop fooling around and start working out again. Losing weight without weight-training leads to saggy skin and a weirdly-shaped body. Plus, I also have to train for Boy Scout camp, which is about two months […]

174.2 and a run!

Posted under 2007, 250 in 2007, Family, Plans and Goals, Running, Weigh-Ins, Workouts 2007 - Mar 18th, 07 - Comments Off on 174.2 and a run!

I have consistently maintained a weight of about 174.2 for almost two weeks now. It seems like that’s how it goes. A pound every two or three weeks. Fine with me… time will pass whether I’m losing weight or not. I also managed to get out for a run today. Even though I haven’t run […]

Happy 2007, in Orange!

Posted under 2007, Plans and Goals, Rotations - Jan 1st, 07 - 2 Comments

A new year, a new theme, new motivation! I like this orange theme with the flickr photos up there. Right now, the keyword is fruit, but I’m going to come up with a special keyword to display my own photos eventually. The tagline is a bit misleading, because I only have about 27 kilos to […]

Year in Review/ Resolutions

Posted under 2006, Plans and Goals - Dec 28th, 06 - Comments Off on Year in Review/ Resolutions

It’s time for a year in review post and a New Year’s Resolutions post. Last year, I removed all of my archives in hope of a fresh start. It only marginally worked… I lost about 17 pounds this year, but am not fit at all. I’m going to leave up this year’s archives. 2006 in […]