Running for Boston
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2015 Plans and Goals

Posted under Circus Arts, Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Pole, Running - Dec 26th, 14 - Comments Off on 2015 Plans and Goals

My fitness went slightly off the rails in the last three months of 2014. It was a perfect storm of losing all of my favorite teachers at my dance studio, being broke, and moving up a level so eating more in order to gain strength. As I said in my half-marathon wrap-up, I did gain […]

Body Positivity?

Posted under Body Image, Pole, Running - Sep 12th, 14 - Comments Off on Body Positivity?

This is an older post by Greta Christina, a body positivity advocate who found herself needing to lose weight because her weight was affecting her mobility. I’ve read this post a few times now and I think it captures a lot of what I want to say about fat acceptance as it is currently being […]


Posted under Contortion, Pole, Running - Sep 7th, 14 - Comments Off on Inverted!

I survived my first week of Level 4 classes. I had a Level 4 class on Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday, plus two fit classes, a level 3 class, a level 2 class, and some non-pole classes. It was ten hours of classes total over three days. I struggled, as I expected to, but I feel […]


Posted under Pole - Aug 29th, 14 - Comments Off on Promoted!

This week, I finally got the courage to ask whether I was ready to move up to Level 4 at my pole studio! My teacher asked how I felt about my strength and spins, and I feel pretty good about them! I was waiting for her to suggest that I should move up, but I […]