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Still Plateau-ish

Posted under 2007, Body Image, Monthly Wrap-Ups, Rants, Weigh-Ins - Jul 29th, 07 - 1 Comment

I’m still maintaining 172 pounds, size 14. I’m not really thinking about it too much, or worrying about my weight. I’m still thrilled not to still be 200 pounds. I was reading Self(ish) yesterday when I got to an article about a woman who went from 300 pounds to 170. The author felt the need […]

De-Lurking Week

Posted under 2007, Metablogging, Rants, Uncategorized - Jan 13th, 07 - 2 Comments

I guess last week was de-lurking week. I would have participated, but I can’t read Captchas. You know, those horrible little pictures you have to decipher to get to post on a Blogger or Typepad blog? (I think my blog has them, too, but only if a comment fails other tests.) I need to just […]

Annoying Soy

Posted under 2006, Nutrition, Rants, Veg*n - Aug 22nd, 06 - Comments Off on Annoying Soy

One of the most annoying things about trying to be a strict vegetarian is the soy.  I have a bad reaction to soy.  I’m not going to say I’m allergic, but it is definitely a very unpleasant reaction.  Soy is a common allergen, as far as allergens go.  Yet, it’s difficult to find online vegan […]


Posted under Body Image, Health, Health News, Rants - Jul 26th, 06 - Comments Off on Shame

More Americans Too Fat for X-Rays. Stories like this make me feel deeply ashamed.  I’m not yet too fat for X-rays, but I am right up there in the obesity statistics.  I am obese.  I have been fighting obesity for six years now, and I have been losing.  Six years.  I can get all this […]


Posted under 2006, Health News, Rants, Weight Watchers - Jun 14th, 06 - Comments Off on Links

Neat article about some significant weight loss. An article about how, yet again, our food industry thwarts our health.  There’s something incredibly warped about America’s food industry, combined with the insistence on relying on our “air-conditioned wheelchairs” (as Edward Abbey calls it) to get everywhere.  We’re like veal.  But what are we being fattened up […]