Running for Boston
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Insert cool title here

Posted under 25 in 5, Injuries, Roller Derby, Running, Skating, Workouts 2012 - Oct 1st, 12 - Comments Off on Insert cool title here

I haven’t felt much like posting, but I have been working out, somewhat. Last week I hurt my neck. I’m also still struggling with derby. The frustrating thing about being in a messed up situation is that if you talk about it, you’re a gossip. If you don’t talk about it, the pressure builds up […]

Good skating workout

Posted under 25 in 5, Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Roller Derby, Skating, Workouts 2012 - Sep 14th, 12 - Comments Off on Good skating workout

Last night’s open skate was good. Two of my teammates were there so we worked on speed and sprinting starts. We did 25 laps (I did mine in 5:13) and I also did two sets of 5 laps in 1:00. My technique is improving! I think the running, pull-ups, and kettlebells are helping. I start […]

Trying to conquer 25 in 5

Posted under 25 in 5, Roller Derby, Skating, Workouts 2012 - Aug 10th, 12 - Comments Off on Trying to conquer 25 in 5

Tuesday’s workout was a bike sprint workout on my spin bike. I did 10 :30 second sprints with a minute and a half between. I think I can go a bit harder tonight (Friday.) Wednesday was another good derby practice. Our dry-land practice was canceled at the last minute, so I did a Zuzka-style workout, […]