Running for Boston
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2015 Plans and Goals

Posted under Circus Arts, Nutrition, Plans and Goals, Pole, Running - Dec 26th, 14 - Comments Off on 2015 Plans and Goals

My fitness went slightly off the rails in the last three months of 2014. It was a perfect storm of losing all of my favorite teachers at my dance studio, being broke, and moving up a level so eating more in order to gain strength. As I said in my half-marathon wrap-up, I did gain […]

Race Recap: Santa Hustle 2014, Galveston, TX

Posted under Race Reports, Running - Dec 22nd, 14 - Comments Off on Race Recap: Santa Hustle 2014, Galveston, TX

I had an amazing time at the 2014 Santa Hustle in Galveston yesterday! I still can’t believe it. I had signed up for the run for fun with a few friends of mine this summer, with the intention of seriously training for it in the fall. As you might have noticed, my fall training went […]

Nice, Cool Run

Posted under Running - Sep 13th, 14 - Comments Off on Nice, Cool Run

Today is a beautiful day in the Piney woods. It was 66 degrees at around 10am when I set off for my four mile run. I struggled a bit on the hills in the last two miles, but I don’t feel too bad about that. My first mile was 10:18 and wasn’t that difficult! I […]

Body Positivity?

Posted under Body Image, Pole, Running - Sep 12th, 14 - Comments Off on Body Positivity?

This is an older post by Greta Christina, a body positivity advocate who found herself needing to lose weight because her weight was affecting her mobility. I’ve read this post a few times now and I think it captures a lot of what I want to say about fat acceptance as it is currently being […]


Posted under Contortion, Pole, Running - Sep 7th, 14 - Comments Off on Inverted!

I survived my first week of Level 4 classes. I had a Level 4 class on Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday, plus two fit classes, a level 3 class, a level 2 class, and some non-pole classes. It was ten hours of classes total over three days. I struggled, as I expected to, but I feel […]


Posted under Health, Macrobiotic, Nutrition, Running - Aug 30th, 14 - Comments Off on Diet

We’re going through some temporary difficult times right now– nothing too bad and nothing we can’t work through– but it means making some small sacrifices. That makes this the perfect time to experiment with my diet! I’ve long been intrigued by the concept of macrobiotics and I tend to like to eat the same thing […]

Running and Asthma

Posted under Plans and Goals, Running - Sep 9th, 13 - Comments Off on Running and Asthma

I’ve had asthma for a while, probably since I was stationed in Korea in 1990-1991. For a long time, it was “just” exercise-induced asthma that I could keep under control by taking albuterol before running. While I was in grad school and didn’t have time to exercise (working two jobs, raising two kids, going to […]

I’m Back!

Posted under Boston, Running - Sep 3rd, 13 - Comments Off on I’m Back!

I finally feel well enough to run! I decided to get back into it by doing the Couch to 5K program. I’m running the intervals faster than I normally run– about an 8-minute-mile pace vs. an 11-minute-mile pace. I’m on week two and surprised myself by being able to keep up the faster pace for […]

Still hurting

Posted under Injuries, Running - Aug 17th, 13 - Comments Off on Still hurting

My calf still hurts, so I’m still not running. I think I’m just about to the point where I can start walking again. My injuries are educational– they tell me that something is wrong. When I deal with one area of concern, something else pops up, which tells me I am out of alignment somewhere. […]

Calf Strain

Posted under Health, Injuries, Running, Streak - Jul 9th, 13 - Comments Off on Calf Strain

I made it to 20 days last Thursday. Thursday evening, my left calf felt twingey, so I decided to rest on Friday. That was probably a good idea. That evening, I decided to take my dogs on the same hilly walk around the block we always take, wearing Vibrams (very common for my walk.) About […]