Running for Boston
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A crazy goal

Posted under Pop, Sleep - Jul 24th, 11 - 1 Comment

I spent the past two weeks visiting friends in Missouri and Kansas and was inspired by the steps they are taking for improving their fitness. I’ve come home re-inspired to try to achieve my craziest running goal. I want to run a marathon in under four hours. I’m a long way from being able to […]


Posted under Plans and Goals, Sleep, Weigh-Ins - Apr 12th, 06 - Comments Off on 195

This has been a crazy month.  Haven’t they all, lately?  I was able to keep up the yoga until Friday morning, when I don’t have a moment to spare.  (On Fridays, I’m on the go from 3am until 7pm.)  I was able to do some yoga and some bellydancing yesterday.  Today, I expect to be […]

Sleep Problems

Posted under Sleep - Jan 12th, 06 - Comments Off on Sleep Problems

Before I changed my blog format, I decided I would start writing about my sleep problems and my efforts to correct them.  I have nightmares and night terrors and talk in my sleep.  This is disconcerting to my family to say the least, and now that I’m going to conferences, it’s disturbing to my roommates […]