Running for Boston
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I’ve switched back to weighing in pounds. It’s easier, and it’s not affecting me as much emotionally as it used to. Sometimes, I even forget to weigh every day! (As long as I keep up with SparkPeople, I seem to keep losing… slowly, but surely.) Well, I’m not making my goal of bed by 11pm […]

Weigh-In: 82.8

Posted under 2006, Body Image, Running, SparkPeople, Weigh-Ins - Nov 21st, 06 - Comments Off on Weigh-In: 82.8

Downward progress!  Go body! It doesn’t want that extra weight any more than I do! My official weight for the week is 82.8. My body is doing what it wants, and I’m okay with that. My goal is living a healthy life and letting my body get to its natural healthy weight. At the Y […]


Posted under 2006, Plans and Goals, Running, SparkPeople, Workouts 2006 - Nov 5th, 06 - Comments Off on Update

Still loving Spark People, even though it’s down for maintenance right now. They did warn us. Running is going great. I think I can consistently fit in a 40-50 minute run three days a week, then a Saturday run is optional. I’ve really been itching to get out there and run, even on non-running days, […]

Spark People

Posted under 2006, eDiets, SparkPeople, Weight Watchers - Oct 30th, 06 - Comments Off on Spark People

I’m really enjoying SparkPeople, the free weight loss site.  I’m LibrarianJen on there.  This is the site I was hoping for when I signed up for eDiets (the site of the many duplicating ingredients and cheese and raspberries on everything.)  I’ve only been on Spark People for a few days, but I’m already addicted to […]