Running for Boston
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Unplanned Rest Day

Posted under Uncategorized - Sep 24th, 14 - Comments Off on Unplanned Rest Day

I’m taking an unplanned rest day today. I was scheduled for two pole classes and a chair class, but I am worn out. My computer feels so heavy. So, instead of going and doing a bad job and possibly getting hurt, I’m staying home. I will walk the dogs around the block and I might […]

More Sugar

Posted under Uncategorized - Sep 1st, 14 - Comments Off on More Sugar

Yesterday’s three mile run was terrible. I felt like I was slogging through molasses. Conditions were very similar to my terrific run on Friday, so it was either asthma or I hadn’t eaten enough. I might have overestimated the calories in my rice and tamari soup. I’m temporarily adding back in the tsp of sugar […]

Three Miles + Strides

Posted under Uncategorized - May 8th, 13 - Comments Off on Three Miles + Strides

A warm, sunny run. My miles were 14:35/135, 15:44/141, and 16:13/140. It’s a hilly route and it gets hillier as it goes. I ended with strides as prescribed by my 10K training program that I’m sort of following. It’s the only speedwork I do and it’s only once a week, so I hope it’s okay. […]

Another Treadmill Run

Posted under Uncategorized - Sep 19th, 12 - 1 Comment

I didn’t feel up to facing the hills yesterday, so after spending 2 hours washing and polishing my car, I hopped on the treadmill for another interval workout. This one was 4 X 800 and 2 X 200. It sucked. I couldn’t breathe, even though my heart rate and legs seemed fine. I had to […]

Quick workout

Posted under Uncategorized - Sep 9th, 12 - Comments Off on Quick workout

I’m posting this here as kind of a benchmark for future quick workouts. Tonight I did Cross-Fit style push-presses with a 15 pound barbell and competition-style Burpees. The workout was 8 minutes, starting with 1 push-press, 1 Burpee, and working up to however many I could pyramid up to in 8 minutes. I managed 7, […]

Another Good Run

Posted under Uncategorized - Sep 9th, 12 - 2 Comments

We had another good run tonight. We’re going to stick with the quarter-mile run, quarter-mile walk until we get the run segments below a 10-minute mile pace (at least three were around 9:50). Then we’ll lengthen the run and shorten the rest. I’m just so tired of being slow! But it was a nice run […]

Fall Training Bug

Posted under Uncategorized - Sep 3rd, 12 - Comments Off on Fall Training Bug

Well, it’s nearly fall, and I’ve started to think about training for a marathon or half again. Team skating is temporarily on hold since I’m having trouble learning the skills I need and probably won’t have a chance to join another league until next fall because of the way tryouts are done and the fact […]

Team Sports and Me

Posted under Uncategorized - Aug 16th, 12 - 1 Comment

Another Wednesday practice. This one was geared toward getting the bouting girls ready for this weekend’s bout. A few of us newer girls worked with them. The most fun I had was when I was playing jammer and trying to find a hole. (It was hit-free, since some of us are very inexperienced.) I LOVED […]

CrossFit is Amazing

Posted under Uncategorized - Aug 12th, 12 - Comments Off on CrossFit is Amazing

Went to the free Saturday Cross Fit workout again. CrossFit is amazing! I’m trying to work it out so I can justify buying a monthly membership. I got some great tips for working on my pull-ups and chin-ups. I’ve ordered some resistance bands to assist my at-home pull-up and chin-up practice. I also found a […]

Great Practice

Posted under Uncategorized - Aug 7th, 12 - Comments Off on Great Practice

Had a great practice tonight. I was a bit over my head, but not too bad. There is hope. Four of us newer girls got to scrimmage tonight at the end, when the roster girls were tired. I was confused and didn’t really know what I was doing, but it was a lot of fun […]