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Cross Fit!

Posted under Uncategorized - Aug 5th, 12 - Comments Off on Cross Fit!

Saturday morning, I tried Cross Fit for the first time! It’s similar to the Zuzka workouts, but longer. Since I was new, the trainer told me to stop at two rounds (but I could have done at least one more.) I’m feeling a pleasant ache in my glutes today. After Cross Fit, I ate a […]

Under the weather

Posted under Uncategorized - Jul 31st, 12 - 1 Comment

I haven’t worked out since my last post because I’ve felt a bit off. I think I’m coming out of it, though. I hope. It felt a little like it could be the beginning of appendicitis, but now all that’s left is a lingering ache on my right side on the back. No fever. I […]

Rest Day

Posted under Uncategorized - Jul 22nd, 12 - Comments Off on Rest Day

I took Saturday as a rest day. I LOVE to skate so much that it’s easy to overdo it. I watched a friend’s derby bout on a livestream, then went to two bouts in Houston this evening. This is a scary, scary sport! Plus I need to watch a LOT more to get more confident! […]

After Practice Thoughts

Posted under Uncategorized - Jul 16th, 12 - Comments Off on After Practice Thoughts

Monday is scrimmage day, but since I am not yet safe for scrimmaging, I stayed in the “new girl” group. We had one new girl, so we practiced a lot of the fundamentals. I ended up switching to grippier wheels for better control. I also feel like a “real” derby girl: I have to tape […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

Posted under Uncategorized - Jul 15th, 12 - 2 Comments

I didn’t end up skating Tuesday. Wednesday’s practice was awesome and extremely tough! We started with dry land drills at 7:30. It was a high-intensity interval training kind of workout. For the push-ups (30 sec), I managed 12 and 16. I need to try to beat that at this Wednesday’s dry land drills. After that, […]

That slow kid

Posted under Uncategorized - Jul 10th, 12 - Comments Off on That slow kid

Doing derby has been very good for my ego… by which I mean it has been very bad for my ego. Just when I think I have something, I learn I need to work on it much, much harder. Tonight’s practice was a blast, though. We intermediate girls did some fun drills– pulling each other […]

Workouts update

Posted under Uncategorized - Jul 5th, 12 - Comments Off on Workouts update

Yesterday (the third), my workout was two hours at my rink’s Tuesday mayhem. I practiced dodging and weaving, along with two-knee falls, T-stops, turn-and-toe stops, and one-knee drops. Man, those one-knee drops are effective! I’m feeling them in my hiney today! Today’s workout was some hula hooping with my Atomic hoop set to red, white, […]

Day 7/30

Posted under Uncategorized - Apr 7th, 12 - Comments Off on Day 7/30

I’ve been learning a lot going through the archives at Aligned and Well. I’ve been practicing the various exercises for having better alignment and I also signed up for the shoulders and psoas seminars. I’ll watch the shoulders one tonight (and probably many times afterwards.) I’m relearning how to walk and I hope that will […]

Hoopy Update!

Posted under Uncategorized - Apr 6th, 12 - Comments Off on Hoopy Update!

Since my last post, I got certified as a level one Hoopnotica HoopFit instructor. It was a lot of fun– a full day spent hooping! I was pretty sore afterwards. It’s a pretty neat program that has you doing squats, lunges, and plies, while hooping! It does mean paying better attention to alignment. I won’t […]

First Base Run

Posted under Uncategorized - Feb 27th, 12 - Comments Off on First Base Run

My first 140 bpm base run was 35 minutes at about 15 minutes per mile. That was how slowly I had to average to keep my heart rate down. I have a feeling this is going to be VERY good for me. It’s not easy on these hills to keep my heart rate down to […]