Running for Boston
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I’m pretty excited because today I saw a number on the scale that I haven’t seen since 1999. 149.5! Yesterday, I was excited because I hit 50 pounds lost, so today was just icing on the cake. Today is the day I start trying to eat more often. And I’m back to logging my food […]

Still Plateau-ish

Posted under 2007, Body Image, Monthly Wrap-Ups, Rants, Weigh-Ins - Jul 29th, 07 - 1 Comment

I’m still maintaining 172 pounds, size 14. I’m not really thinking about it too much, or worrying about my weight. I’m still thrilled not to still be 200 pounds. I was reading Self(ish) yesterday when I got to an article about a woman who went from 300 pounds to 170. The author felt the need […]


Posted under 2007, Monthly Wrap-Ups, Plans and Goals, Weigh-Ins - Jun 27th, 07 - 1 Comment

Seems I’m in a bit of a plateau right now. That’s okay, because I’m about to embark on a physical training regimen to get more fit for Scouts. Next month, we’ll be swimming, climbing, and canoeing, so I need to work on my upper body. We’ll probably camp and hike in August (we try to […]


I hit 169 a few weeks ago and have been hovering a little higher than that since. I have to stop fooling around and start working out again. Losing weight without weight-training leads to saggy skin and a weirdly-shaped body. Plus, I also have to train for Boy Scout camp, which is about two months […]

NSV and 174-ish

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To be honest, I didn’t weigh myself at all during spring break. I still seem to be having success, though. The other day, I bought a pair of size 14 capris, with the intent of fitting into them “in a few weeks.” Turns out they already fit. They’re very cute. But the real non-scale victory […]

174.2 and a run!

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I have consistently maintained a weight of about 174.2 for almost two weeks now. It seems like that’s how it goes. A pound every two or three weeks. Fine with me… time will pass whether I’m losing weight or not. I also managed to get out for a run today. Even though I haven’t run […]


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I started a post the other day, then had computer problems and never got it posted. Oops! I’m still maintaining at 175, which I am totally okay with. I’m okay with losing three or four pounds a month. Things have been crazy with school, research, scouts, and an auction, so I haven’t been able to […]


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The official weight of last week was 175.9. Today was my last day putting off exercising. Back on track tomorrow with the exercise!


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Well, this week I’ve been fluctuating between 177.8 and 176.8, so I’m saying 177. And I haven’t even had time for push-ups and crunches for the past three days!


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178.4 was yesterday’s weight, and the official weight of the week, but today, I was 177.1. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t remember something I wanted to talk about earlier. It has something to do with my new attitudes about food. It’s so refreshing to feel “normal.” How strange that I had to go […]